First Chicago Insurance Company

Payment Options

Online Payment Option #1 (Personal Auto)

Your policy # begins with IAG, IAV, ILV, ILS, INA, INV, PAL, PAN, MOA, MOE, MOV, KSA, IGL, AGL, UIS, UIV, WIM, UAR, URI, URV, USI, URS, IPV, KSM or KSB.

Make A Payment

Please note: New customers paying online must register on a personal computer. However, you may use smart phones after the initial registration process is complete. You can also make a payment through our automated phone system at 708-552-4400 or 800-388-9001 option 7.

Online Payment Option #2 (Commercial, Taxi/Limo)

Your policy # begins with CA, LVA, LV, or PA.

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Online Payment Option #3 (Health)

First Chicago Health Products

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Mail a Payment

If you are mailing a payment, please mail to:

First Chicago Insurance Company
Attn: Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 389508
Chicago, IL 60638-9508

*Note: When submitting payment, please include your payment stub and write your policy number on the check.