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Company History

The company was founded on December 14, 1920 as the Chicago Ice Producers Mutual Liability Company. Originally organized as a mutual insurance company, its initial purpose was to insure the members of the Chicago District Ice Association for general liability, Workers Compensation, public liability for horses and wagons, and commercial vehicle insurance. Association members donated the $26,225 that was needed at that time to start insurance operations. The company was granted licenses to operate in the States of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, which continue to be held today.

In the 1930’s, the company expanded into insuring the private passenger vehicles of the owners and employees of the ice companies. This business was later enlarged to include individuals referred by policyholders of the company. The company’s name was changed to Chicago Mutual Liability Company in 1961. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, the company evolved from its original focus as a commercial lines insurer to become an automobile insurer. At the end of 1994, the Board of Directors decided to exit the Workers Compensation and general liability lines and concentrate on the personal and commercial auto lines of business.

In 1991 the Board of Directors decided to change the company’s distribution system from direct writing to partnering with independent producers. The company had maximized its growth as a direct writer and needed to adopt a different strategy to survive into the 21st century. The company’s name was changed again in 1996 to Chicago Mutual Insurance Company.

In 2006, the company was converted from a mutual form of governance to a stock company. It was renamed First Chicago Insurance Company, and became a subsidiary of J & P Holdings, Inc. Since joining the J & P Holdings organization, the company has added a non-standard personal auto program, a niche taxi/livery commercial auto program, and an Artisan General Liability program to supplement its preferred risk personal auto and commercial auto programs. In addition, the company also added a Workers Compensation line of business to serve its taxi/livery policyholders.

Innovation is the company’s focus as the 100th anniversary of its founding approaches. Management continues to search for opportunities in marketing, product development and new technologies that will serve our current policyholders and contribute to the growth and profitability of the company in the 21st century.

Over the course of the company’s history, five individuals have served as President of the Company: Joseph Moudry from 1920 until 1965; Herbert Choice from 1965 until 1977; Thomas Dockery from 1977 until 1989; John Gettemans from 1989 until 2014; and Michael Rosenstein from 2014 to present.

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