First Chicago Insurance Company

Claim Center

To Report a Claim

Dial 1-888-262-8864. It’s the First Chicago 24-hour direct claim reporting service line, in service 365 days per year. We realize that accidents, vehicle thefts, and other traumatic losses occur at anytime of the day or night. By dialing 1-888-262-8864, you won't have to wait until the next business day to report your claim.

You can also submit an Auto Accident Form online.

Glass Claims: If the damage to your vehicle is limited to your windshield and/or windows, check out our First Chicago Auto Glass Express Program.

How Does it Work?

Just dial the toll free 1-888-262-8864 phone number or fill out the online Auto Accident Form when you have a claim to report. Representatives are available to assist you anytime day or night. The representative will take the initial information regarding your loss and refer the loss information to one of our local claims representatives. The local claims representative will follow-up with you on the next business day, or sooner if it is an emergency.

What About My Agent?

First Chicago appreciates the relationship that you have with your independent insurance agent, and recognizes the value that your agent adds to insurance transactions. If you would rather report a claim to your insurance agent instead of reporting it directly to our claims representatives, we encourage you to do so. It is entirely your option.

The 1-888-262-8864 phone number is listed on your insurance I.D. card.